Pearson Introduces Digital Library to Strengthen Higher Ad Learning Ecosystem

Linked to NEP 2020, the Digital Library aims to improve e-content accessibility and provide more than 4,000 titles to higher education institutions.

Pearson India, the world’s leading educational institution, has launched Digital Library, a comprehensive digital learning solution that provides a wide range of e-book collections and digital content across multiple disciplines for institutions, teachers and students.

It will serve as a one-stop, digital easy repository for students, allowing them to learn to go anytime, anywhere with hassle-free study materials available.

The ability to read offline and access to quick revision tools such as voice notes, highlights, hyperlinks and weblinks and 24 * 7 study materials makes the digital library a useful solution to meet the needs of today’s students and facilitates the integration of UI / UX for learning and access. Students can access the digital library through multiple devices, such as laptops, mobiles and desktops.

“Our new offer, the Digital Library, is a testament to our commitment to assisting governments in their mission and providing students with the most affordable, flexible and student-friendly e-text solution. With the title of 4000+ e-books, we Our vast reserves will help meet the growing demand for our quality resources and make India a destination for global study. ” Rajesh Pankajakshan says, Director-Product, Pearson India

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