PlanetSpark has announced a junior board of students

The board will consist of 15 junior experts aged 10-16 from 13 countries, who will be mentored by the brand leadership.

EdTech PlanetSpark has announced a Junior Board of Experts, with an industry-first initiative and a vision to fully align with its core TG. The board, made up of students aged 10-16, will regularly consult with the brand about its curriculum, community, competition and marketing initiatives. The board, comprising 15 pediatricians from across India, the United States, the Middle East and Europe, will participate in the brand’s weekly and review meetings to participate in key decisions, and exposure to select strategy meetings. As 4-16 year olds are end-users of Planetspark, EdTech is actively interested in hearing perspectives and feedback from this segment, on an ongoing basis.

Each member of PlanetSpark’s junior board will also be assigned a mentor from the brand’s leadership team, who will provide further training and guidance on their communication and leadership skills.

To apply for this position, students must submit a 90-second video that demonstrates their communication and leadership skills. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for the next round which will be a temporary debate. After that, there will be a mock-up junior board idea voting and argument session. The selected children will be involved in the last and final step of a personal interview with PlanetSpark’s recruiting team. To apply for this role, a student must complete PlanetSpark’s live 1: 1 public speaking course, participate in 10+ competitions, and participate in at least 3 workshops.

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