PlanetSpark has launched a digital newsletter led by children

Communication Skills Platform promotes blogging and journalism for children ages 7-16

EdTech PlanetSpark has launched a monthly digital newsletter, ‘Spark Times’, along with a weekly digital magazine. These media features of the brand will be edited by children aged 7-16. Participating as a blogger and children’s journalist, Planetspark students will contribute to newsletters and magazines in the form of articles, works of art, book reviews and topical columns.

The monthly newsletter ‘Spark Times’ will be in the form of a newspaper and will have various sections like Features, Student Acquisition Interviews, Global News and Sports News. Weekly Magazine, on the other hand, will cover topics such as technology, global trivia, entertainment and sports. Both features will have a fun segment featuring puzzles, crosswords and sudoku puzzles.

The first issue of the Spark Times was published on February 7, 2022, where students wrote articles and columns on global events, offbeat Guinness World Records, and climate change. Two issues of the weekly magazine titled ‘Entertainment Center’ and ‘Global Hub’ have also been published recently. At the entertainment station, children create content across topics such as book reviews, book and movie recommendations, and DIY craft suggestions. At Global Hub, 8 children co-authored a special themed section called ‘2020 Recaped’. In this section, each child wrote about an aspect of their respective city / state that they were proud of during their first lockdown. In addition, Tirtha Nair, a 13-year-old Maharashtra-based girl from Thane, writes about her interest in Greek mythology in a detailed 3-page article.

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