Podar Education Network is worldwide

Compatible with the Pearl School of Doha Partnership for providing transformational education

The Podar Education Network is taking its brilliant teaching skills abroad to one of India’s most accomplished pedagogical crafts for global education. One of the oldest and largest school networks in India, Podar Education Network has partnered with Dohar Pearl School, the capital of Qatar, with the aim of playing a potential role in strengthening the education system in the region. Founded in 1927, the Podar Education Network will bring a new dimension to the academic excellence of Podar Pearl School as well as the overall development of students through a Taylor-built CBSE curriculum.

The goal of the partnership, which is spread across a wide campus, is to provide transformative education and at the same time help to mark a global footprint for the Podar Education Network.

The new campus will offer programs aimed at overall development and provide much-needed educational support to children. The campus will be a testament to the Podar Education Network’s conviction in research, student empowerment and community outreach. This partnership will help many Indian families avoid hassle of rushing for admission and provide hassle-free inter-plant transfers by ensuring a smooth transition to a new environment.

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