Project Clean Water Code wins IBM Call for Global Challenge

The first Indian team to win the title is on a journey to keep track of groundwater quality for the benefit of the public.

Manikanta Chavavakula, a second-year graduate student at Flame University, Hrishikesh Bhandari of IIT Madras, Satyam Prakash of IIT Madras, Sanket Marathi and Joy Aherkar, who is also known as Team ‘Cleanwater’, along with members of the team, were awarded the Glossary of the 21 winners IBM Call 8 A panel of prominent leaders in sustainability, business and technology, including former US President Bill Clinton, awarded Tim Softwater a প্র 200,000 grand prize. This is the first Indian team to win the title.

Code for Code is a platform that allows developers to make a positive and lasting change around the world by using their expertise in cutting-edge technology. With the help of partners like IBM and the Linux Foundation, Top Solutions has been established as a more developed, incubated and sustainable open source project. Team SaafWater will now receive support from IBM, the United Nations, the DavidClarkCause, the Linux Foundation and other partners in the Call for Code movement to launch the project.

The Clear Water Project is a Wi-Fi and cellular-capable device that can be mounted on a variety of pumps, equipped with sensors that collect information such as total dissolved solids, turbidity, pH, electrical conductivity, and temperature. The device uploads data collected in the cloud software which analyzes it. When contamination is found, users receive a text alert because the pump’s LED warning light is on.

The team will now democratize access to information about water quality in a way that can help local agents ensure quality and inform the community at large when they are at risk. The team’s goal is to implement clean water on the ground and benefit the public. As SaafWater is an open source project, it makes it easier for developers to contribute, and the team will now embark on a journey to turn Saaf Water into a global solution and make water quality information readily available and accessible to all to prevent health ailments. Due to water pollution.

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