Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law Patiala launches 11th Amity International

An outstanding level of legal discussion by the participating parties brings together the best law students to present their arguments.

Students of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala have won the 11th Amity International Mutt Court Competition 2021, a simulation based on a major topic of public international law related to extradition, asylum and diplomatic immunity and other issues. National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi took second place. The competition provides a unique opportunity for participants to understand the various behaviors and practices of international law and at the same time apply them in their own unique and creative way, creating remarkably simple arguments.

The three-day paperless competition was attended by eminent personalities from the legal fraternity and more than 100 teams from 8 national law universities, 20 international universities, 68 Indian colleges and law colleges from Japan, Philippines, South Africa and other countries. , Kenya, Nepal, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives etc.

Distinguished Guest, Hon’ble Justice Jasmeet Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court highlighted some life lessons learned and emphasized how lawyers and judges are playing a vital role in shaping today’s society. Law has become a profession of choice today and has surpassed many other professions. “Participating in the Mutt Court Competition is the first step for prospective lawyers because it helps them build their thinking and their rational abilities.” He advised the students to love and enjoy what they are doing, follow their passions and also develop a hobby like painting, listening to music etc. as these hobbies can be a great stress buster.

Justice Jyoti Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court congratulated Amity for organizing this Moot Court Competition despite the global challenge of the epidemic. He noted that during this Mutt Court, students have learned how to deal with complex issues such as public international law, which serves as a huge way to transform them into good groom lawyers. The Mute Court Competition is a great platform for gaining confidence with practical work closet and practical learning experience. He advised the students to work on their mistakes but never give up.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founding President, Amity Education Group shares that a Mutt Court Competition teaches a lot, preparing students for a real life courtroom experience. Speaking about his vision for transforming India into a global superpower, he spoke about the importance of law and order as a very important aspect and advised the students to learn the law departments and achieve perfection in the art practice of argument. Dr. shared a valuable tip with the students. Chauhan said the study of law is incomplete without the verdict of the judge. He advised the students to read the verdicts and to understand the hard work and effort put in by the judges to write these verdicts.

Sebastian Lawrence, Crown Counsel for the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, says the law requires a lot of sacrifice but once a fair decision is upheld it is worth the effort to give the lawyer immense satisfaction regardless of whether he wins or loses. He urges students to work hard and strive to rise in their careers.

Justice Siddhartha, Judge, Allahabad High Court, said law is a profession that is known through practice, not just reading books, since one has to apply the law to the living. Mutt Court Competition gives you the experience to present a case in court and only through practice one can give 100 percent to the profession. Emphasizing the importance of the case, he said that lawyers and judges always look directly at the expectations of the society and hence they have to be precise and attentive while presenting the case and arguing to ensure justice.

Justice Amit Bansal, Judge, Delhi High Court congratulated the students, teachers and all the participating parties for organizing such a prestigious event. He praised Amity University’s efforts to line up legal dignitaries through a paperless forum and how the university is working to bring a new revolution among emerging lawyers. Justice Bansal shared his views on mooting and the changing nature of judicial proceedings, strongly advising that each law student become a compulsory part of the curriculum. He goes on to say how this competition enhances students’ research skills and serves as a perfect training ground for building them into strong lawyers.

Dr. Mariana Ferrolla Valandro do Valle, Assistant Teacher, Geneva of Humanitarian Studies, Geneva, Switzerland, encourages students to participate as much as possible in the main court to expand their legal horizons. Sometimes there is too much stress but you will deal with everything over time, commented Dr. Mariana.

Dr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor of Amity University, says all Amity leaders are trained to be leaders, not followers. The Mute Court competition opens up new grounds and illuminates the path to an upcoming fancy experience. He advised the students to make wise decisions and work hard as it would affect the lives of many more people. He congratulated the students for choosing the path of law, which is not easy, but advised millions of people to rely on their decisions and work with full dedication and diligence.

A competition souvenir was also unveiled at the event. Also present on the occasion were Amity Law School Chairman Prof. (Dr.) DK Banerjee; (Professor) Dr. Shefali Rayzada, Additional Director, Amity Law School; (Professor) Dr. Aditya Tomar, Joint Head, Amity Law School, teachers, staff and thousands of students are practically connected.

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