Ramayana is a story of deep friendship beyond good versus evil

This epic of Ramayana has taught us that friendship is one of the purest religions.

We have celebrated Dussehra this month. Through many stories we have learned the ‘victory of good over evil’. However, another important thing that Ramayana has taught us is friendship. From Lord Rama’s bond with monkey king Sugriva to Lord Rama’s bond with Hanuman, Ramayana never fails to express the feeling of friendship between two people. It teaches us that in friendship, loyalty plays a major role. It was Sugriva’s loyalty that saved him from his brother Bali. Then came Hanuman, whose devotion showed him a new path.

The ‘victory of good over evil’ might not have been possible if Lord Rama had not been a friend of monkeys. We all know that Sri Rama was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who was born on earth as a human being. Sri Rama had to be exiled for donating to his father, King Dasaratha Kaikeyi. Ram was banished for 14 years. He left his kingdom and lived like a saint in the forest. When Lankapati Ravana kidnapped his wife Sita, he had no choice but to find Sita in the forest. And in this search he met – with Vanarraj Sugriva. Half a monkey and half a man, maybe someone thought that Sri Ram would be friends with a monkey. Friends play a very important role and they are always there for each other no matter what they talk about or fight for. In this situation Shri Ram himself befriended a monkey. And for this unusual friendship, he first saves Sugriva from his brother Bali, who wanted to kill Sugriva. And later Sugriva showed his allegiance and joined him side by side with Sri Rama to help Lankapati defeat Ravana.

On the one hand, Lord Rama was friends with the monkey king Sugriva and on the other hand was Hanuman, the son of Pavan, whose pure innocence and devotion brought him closer to the heart of Sri Rama. Although his younger brother Lakshmana also dedicated the palace to his brother, no one could have done what Hanuman did for the sake of devotion. This friendship was also different. For his devotion and love for Sri Rama, Hanuman crossed the sea to convey his message to Sita. The path was difficult, from the beginning the gods made it very difficult to test him, then came the shadow hunting monster. Overcoming all these difficulties, he not only gave the message of Sriram to Sitaji; But his monkey was also compelled by nature to first destroy Ashoka Vatika and then come back and burn the chilli himself.

Every story has a character that captivates everyone. And in the Ramayana there was that character – Hanuman, the son of the wind. Because of his dedication, we still see him as a true friend.

Perhaps it was Ram’s nature that anyone who met him loved him. But what about those friends who have never met before and still have a lot of love and respect for that person in their heart? Such was the friendship between Lankapati Ravana’s brother Rama and Vibhishan. A demon living in Lanka, who had never met Rama, still had so much love and respect for him in his heart. He was the one who helped Rama in his war with Ravana. While living in Lanka, when all attempts to persuade Ravana failed, he made a place for himself to Sri Rama. Vibhishan, who lives in the Golden Palace, leaves his palace for devotion and devotion. And the reason was simple – his love and respect for Shri Ram. And because of this respect, Sri Rama defeated Ravana and made Vibhishan the king of Lanka.

This epic of Ramayana has taught us that friendship is one of the purest religions. If you respect and love your friends and treat them right, they can move a mountain to save your life.

To make Ramayana interesting for children, HiVoco has launched India’s first voice-tech based Kids Animated Stories and Learning App called ‘Interactive-Ramayana’, the first voice-interactive animated series of Ramayana.

In this series, children not only watch the Ramayana series but also interact with the story in the form of questions and answers. The characters and storytellers respond to the child’s answer and explain the importance of that question in the story. In this way the child learns and exploits many aspects of the epic of Ramayana, thus learning the good qualities of Sri Rama.

Our efforts build a strong foundation in our children. Ramayana is just an epic to start this lifelong journey.

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