Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Bezwada Wilson inaugurates Mahatma Gandhi Center

The Center will focus on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi as it tackles contemporary challenges and equips students to make good moral choices as global citizens.

At the inauguration of the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Contemporary Ethics at RV University in Bangalore, Bezwada Wilson, the national convener of the social worker and sanitation workers movement, expressed grave concern about the continuation of manual scavenging in 22 Indian states, saying it would not be a mission. Until manual scavenging is completely eliminated.

Referring to the 2,000 people who have lost their lives cleaning sewers and septic tanks since 1990, Bezwada Wilson stressed the need for strict enforcement of the Manual Scavenger Prohibition Act, to identify manual scavengers and then rehabilitate them by district collectors. Give. Noting that such tragic death information is not maintained by the National Crime Records Bureau, Wilson emphasized the need to maintain accurate data on the matter. “While we are trying to send a mission to Mars, we are unable to use technology with the help of people who dive into a ten-foot-deep sewer without protective equipment and die in the process,” he added.

Wilson stressed the need for a sensitive judiciary to deal with violations of the law regarding the exclusion of manual scavenging. Drawing attention to the contemporary manifestations of untouchability practices in specific pockets, caste-based segregation in rural areas, and slavery-like manual scavenging, Wilson emphasized the need to combat inequality and bridge the gender gap. He stressed that the constitutional ideals of ‘freedom’, ‘equality’ and ‘brotherhood’ must become a reality for all.

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