Recruitment activity in India increased 26 per annum on 26 November

The retail, hospitality and education sectors witnessed growth in November ’21 vs. November ’20; YoY hiring trends remain positive across all major cities and experience levels.

The Naukri JobSpeak Index recorded a 26% annualized (YOY) growth in November ’21. The main index of the country was 2173 in November ’21 and 1727 in November ’20.

The retail sector (47%) has accelerated recruitment; The festive season shows signs of recovery

The start of the festive season marks the return of the retail sector – showing a 47% YoY increase in November ’21. Another sector that has traditionally benefited during the festive season is Hospitality / Travel (+ 58%). To return to normal, schools have initially begun to reopen across the country; The education sector (+ 54%) has seen an increase in recruitment.

Recruitment activity in November ’21 also increased in the major job creation sectors – banking / financial services (+ 30%) and IT software (+ 50%), compared to November ’20. While the telecom / ISP (+ 91%) industry continued to grow, the indicator showed silent growth in the medical / healthcare (+ 3%) and FMCG (+ 6%) sectors.

Recruitment in Metro and Tier-II cities recorded an average annual growth of 39% and 16%, respectively.

Continued growth in the IT-software and BFSI sectors has enabled metro cities to surpass their Level-II counterparts in the annual growth chart. Metro cities recorded an average YOY growth of 39% while non-metros grew at a slower rate of 16%. Hyderabad (+ 47%), Pune (+ 47%) and Bangalore (+ 49%) recorded the highest growth in November ’21. Recruitment was also positive in Mumbai (+36%), Delhi / NCR (+34%) and Chennai (+35%) where Kolkata (+23%) grew relatively slowly.

Among the non-metros, Ahmedabad (+ 61%) saw the highest growth in November ’21, followed by Coimbatore (+ 28%).

The 8-12 year old band again records the highest annual growth as all experience bands see positive YOY trends.

All experience band recruitment in November ’21 was positive compared to November ’20, with the demand for senior professionals witnessing the highest traction of 8-12 years (+ 37%) brackets. Demand for professionals in brackets 4-7 years (+ 30%), 0-3 years (+ 27%), 13-16 years (+ 26%) and over 16 years (+ 20%) was also positive.

Commenting on the report, Pawan Gayal, Chief Business Officer,, said: In the festive atmosphere of the last few months, these sectors have grown by 63% and 56% annually from September ’21 – November ’21. “


Naukri JobSpeak is a monthly index that calculates and records recruitment activity on a monthly basis based on the job listings on the website. The purpose of Naukri JobSpeak is to measure recruitment activity across different industries, cities and experience levels. The information is compiled from the website where jobs posted by clients on are considered. July 2008 is taken as the basis with an index value of 1,000 and the next monthly index is compared with the July 2008 data. The report shows the employment trends across the industrial sector, geography and level of experience. More than 76,000 clients use, which leads to higher data reliability. The report does not cover gig employment, hyperlocal recruitment or campus placement. Effective area recruitment data has been retrieved due to changes in naming. In the long run, jobs may be affected by factors such as jobspace internet access, job market share, job pricing and job list drive.

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