Representatives from the Hungarian Embassy and the University visited the Marwari University campus

Marwadi University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dunaujverse University to provide dual-degree programs.

Marwadi University (MU) today hosted delegates from Hungary for 2 days, as part of its efforts to create a more student-centered learning experience. Delegates from the University of Hungary visited the MU campus with the Embassy of India in Hungary to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for BBA and B Com students with the University of Dunaújváros. Negotiations for a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering have also been proposed.

“The Hungarian government is trying to bring more hardworking, attentive and ambitious young people to its land. Shaking hands with Marwadi University, we look forward to providing a holistic education program that gives students the best of both worlds, “said Hungarian Ambassador Andras Lazlo Kirali.

Following the dual-degree program, students are eligible for admission to postgraduate programs in the European Union. This will enable students to get a double specialization in a short period of time and get all the benefits of a double degree from both the countries. Mr Vajo Josefs, of the International Office, University of Dunauzverse, noted that “Dunauzvaros is the region’s industrial hub. By offering a dual-degree program, students will take a step towards internationalization, which will bring a lot of exposure.”

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