Review the role of women in business programs

Women are able to make bold and wise decisions as leaders; This helps to make the team environment more collaborative.

Numerous research studies indicate that female leaders and female managers are better at team management and better at achieving involved, motivated and better team productivity than their male counterparts. The research literature further indicates that female leaders and managers have stronger observation skills and are able to observe and gain greater business insights than male directors. It is a common belief that women have a lot of reserves of patience, they are more sympathetic, great communicators, better at networking and better at attracting people. They are also great at multitasking. Also, tapping into the insights of both men and women in business can make any product or service marketable and consequently make the business more profitable. McKinsey’s research shows that gender-diverse businesses are more likely to outperform non-gender-diverse businesses, 12 to 15 percent more financially than industry. But still the percentage of women in B school is less than that of male candidates and it is time to reconsider the role of women in business programs.

Learning Business Management Using Role Play – Women Can Add Great Value

Research on mental intelligence gives a lot of insights about women’s abilities in running a business. According to Sensitive Intelligence Studies, women score higher than men in almost all components of this type of intelligence and in areas such as empathy, depression control, stress control, ability to focus and concentrate, and interpersonal conflict resolution. Playing a role as a part of pedagogy, in real business situations where female students play a role, can help bring better insights and learning, which can benefit all students following the management program.

Women Leadership Series

Research literature indicates that firms have seen 42 percent higher sales returns for women on their boards, 66 percent higher returns on invested capital, and 53 percent higher returns in equity than firms that have not. So starting a business leadership session for female business leaders or B school alumni can greatly help in management programs.

Heterosexual group

In general, women are able to make bold and wise decisions as leaders; It helps to make the team environment less authoritative and more collaborative, brings a sense of family to the team and it enhances teamwork and helps implement a new culture in the business. B schools ask students to form a team of their choice, in order to do so students must be asked to form a team with at least one female student and this must be given as an order without exception. It can help build different teams that can also help improve learning.

Talk series for women entrepreneurs

Research indicates that women-owned companies earn more than men-owned companies. This indicates that women are more effective as leaders and better at creating jobs. A recent study by KPMG found that women who have been successful in entrepreneurship share the same key characteristics – hard work, willingness to take risks, perseverance in times of crisis and smart recruitment talent – which have long been credited. Men for their business success. With women now creating 40% new entrepreneurs, it is clear that more women are turning to entrepreneurship than ever before. B Schools can invite successful female entrepreneurs who can encourage students to become entrepreneurs. It can be a great initiative to change the mindset and also increase the percentage of women entrepreneurs.

Offer a worldwide peer group to female students

The internationalization of higher education encourages the sharing of best academic and research practices through interaction between different education systems and contributes to the development of global citizens through the mobilization of students and scholars. If B schools focus on offering a globally equivalent group of female students, it could greatly strengthen student intelligence and be seen as a pole-vaulting step towards rethinking the role of women in business.

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