RTI Rajasthan will create 150 classrooms under independence through education

The in-house fund will cost INR 3.5 crore and will seek to raise more funds from potential CSR donors across the country.

This Fiscal Year, Round Table India Rajasthan Chapter aims to create 150+ classrooms under the ‘Freedom through Education’ program. And to be able to achieve this, the company plans to spend INR 7.8 crore and is trying to reach out to potential CSR donors across the country.

Last year in the midst of the epidemic, the Round Table created more than 102 classrooms in different parts of the state of Rajasthan with a total cost of INR 5.69 crore including benches and green boards. To assist government schools with much needed infrastructure to benefit disadvantaged students. Named Area 12, it came into existence in 2015, and their school projects began in 2016. In addition to classrooms, they have built toilet blocks, water centers, and sports and science lab facilities, among others, over the past 5 years.

“These classrooms are painted in the art of learning. We provide green boards, lights, fans and furniture. In addition to the classrooms, we provide a library with other infrastructure such as playgrounds, sports equipment, courts, equipment and systems for various sports, computer labs, books and storage cupboards and furniture. To ensure that these children get the best out of school experience, we take care of rainwater harvesting system, drip irrigation with plantations, toilet block, water station with water purifier and CCTV system, ”said Ajay Acharya, one of the active members of RTI. . . This year, they aim to provide books and uniforms to 50,000 children under their ‘Freedom through Education’ project.

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