SaaS and Machine Learning ML based Career Counseling Platform and how to do it

Software as a service (SaaS) model and machine learning based career guidance platform ensures that students are guided to the right career path and technology is leveraged to its full potential.

“Time, they are changing …” is not only Bob Dylan’s popular song, but especially relevant today when we look at the current job market and the career growth rate over the past decade. Whether it’s the domain of technology or the realm of art, change is not only constant, it’s rapid.

With this rapid change, the need to expand the career guidance platform was almost inevitable. A lack of awareness among students is evident, according to research by Mindler, an ad-tech platform, which found that more than 93 percent of students are aware of less than 7 career options.

Like everything else, the use of technology is certainly one of the most effective ways to keep pace with this evolution. This is where SaaS (Software as a Service) model and machine learning based career guidance platforms enter and play a big role in ensuring that not only students are guided to the right career path, but also that the technology is put to good use. Full potential to reduce human bias through the whole process.

Although the final decision to pursue a specific career path needs to be made by the student / individual concerned, AI and ML based algorithms, including their decision tree logic, certainly help narrow the choices. These algorithms consider the various parameters that a psychometrician would typically apply to their practice and produce accurate weighting results at all data points.

The output of these technology-led tools is that students can discover career paths where they are most likely to succeed because these career paths are consistent with their unique talents and abilities. It enables students to explore emerging career paths and at the same time assess growth potential.

The advantages of this neutral process are evident both on the surface as well as at the grassroots level, thus demonstrating just how much impact these platforms can have on students, schools and educators. For schools, the platforms ensure that career guidance becomes a functional boon and that everything gets a seamless structure in terms of data.

With more than 99 percent of schools in our country lacking a career guidance setup, these solutions enable schools to build a comprehensive career guidance ecosystem and create learning strategies tailored to students’ aspirations.

Instead of gathering information from multiple sources, educators also have the opportunity to equip themselves with the latest technology and gain access to all career guidance tools under one roof. These systems are able to understand and provide the information that a career counselor needs for their students. It helps students directly because they are consumers who receive quality career advice and guidance and are able to make informed decisions about their future.

Various platforms are leading the way in helping schools and organizations establish independent career guidance ecosystems through their SaaS models that are fully technology-capable, and powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Used by more than 250 schools and more than 300 independent career instructors in 5 countries, these platforms are a one-stop solution for both educators and students to get answers to their career guidance questions through tools like Classroom. Access to 5-dimensional psychometric assessment, an extensive college database, a detailed library of entrance exams, career simulators, video logs, blogs, college planning tools, analytical insights, alumni connection platform and a comprehensive list of scholarships. It is possible to impose so much on one platform only because of the end-to-end use of technology to provide maximum benefit to the students.

Choosing the right career is one of the most important and significant decisions in one’s life, and it is essential that it be done properly. SaaS-based career guidance platforms are evolving with the speed of technology not only to stay here but also to ensure that students and educators have access to the latest information at their fingertips. As you read this the landscape of the country’s career guide is being redesigned in this way, and in the use of technology, what has been ensured is success with precision, and precision; Two elements for a student’s successful career choice.

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