SAEINDIA and Elite Techno Group Partnership Empowering Engineering Students

Launches Association for the first time with SAEINDIA ETG: Creating Job-Based Skills for Millions of Engineering Students

Elite Techno Groups has announced an association with the Society of Automotive Engineers India (SAEINDIA) to help engineering students improve their skills and prepare them for the industry. This is the first time SAEINDIA has partnered with an education startup in its 20+ year presence in India. SAEINDIA is a strategic alliance partner of SAE International (a 110+ year old society with 128,000+ engineering members) worldwide.

In light of the new Education Policy 2021 and the Government of India’s focus on the inclusion of skills-based programs in engineering, the association marks a major step towards the inclusion of 1000+ colleges across the country in industry-based courses and training to help students learn. Real industry skills.

The launch event for this association will be held on February 18, 2022, with:

  • Rashmi Urdhvarsh, President, Former Director of SAEINDIA, awarded ARAI Women Power Award, 2019
  • IV Rao, TERI Executive Advisor, Engineering and Director, Maruti Center of Excellence
  • Munirathanam Javaji, Founder & CEO, Javaji M Consulting Chair, EEB, SAEINDIA.
  • Professor S. Former Member, EEB, SAEINDIA Principal, Director, GB Pant Engineering College, DITE,
  • Mayank Aurora, Founder & CEO, Elite Techno Groups,
  • K Venkatraj, Deputy Director-General, SAEINDIA

Benefits for students and colleges:

  1. Specialization programs have been introduced in the domains of Data Science, Electric Vehicle Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering including Design Engineering, Machine and Deep Learning. These courses will be certified by SAEINDIA with various software certifications.
  2. This collaboration will ensure students’ connection to the industry through high-level projects, inspections and internships.

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