Safalta is committed to creating opportunities in rural India by introducing English

Young candidates will learn English speaking skills through committed mentorship, 24-hour live classes, and training on how to prepare for a job interview.

Edtech startup Safalta is committed to building job-ready students by launching ‘English and job interview courses’ as part of its Safalta skills initiative. The goal of a nominal value course is to democratize opportunities by enhancing communication skills that improve employment for aspirants in semi-urban and rural India. Beginning February 14, the program will feature 24-hour live classes with 13 modules and 12 classes of activity and evaluation through committed counseling to ensure the overall development of students. The course will focus on situational awareness through role-playing and will teach appropriate body language to increase their self-awareness and prepare them for job interviews.

Safalta’s goal is to ignite the champion mentality of young India through his committed advice. The course focuses on developing English speaking skills that will boost the confidence of young job-seekers. With more than 13 modules and 12 class activities and assessments, the course is an asset for those struggling with their destiny and aspiring to be the change-makers of tomorrow. The course provides over 8 hours of downloadable study material with lifetime access to resources.

A bridging digital brand, Safalta combines digital innovation with socio-economic sensitivity and helps its students overcome barriers to accessibility, affordability and accountability in education by providing fate-changing education.

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