Search for Nursery School Admissions Reports of schools reopening as play schools increase.

Just Dial Consumer Insights reports that search for nursery admissions across India has increased by 159 per cent and in place schools by 128 per cent.

Just Dial Consumer Insights recently reported that state governments across the country have lifted the ban on reopening schools, increasing the number of nursery school admissions and search for schools in Just Dial.

Searches for nursery school admissions increased by 159 per cent while for place schools increased by 128 per cent in India’s number one local search engine, sparking much-needed excitement in the Indian education system with more than 265 million students and more than 1.5 million schools. Mumbai has seen the highest number of questions for nursery school admissions and play schools across 1000 cities and towns in India.

The total number of searches for nursery school admissions and play schools increased by 154 percent in Tier-II cities and 111 percent in Tier-1. The number of searches in Tier-II cities and towns has increased significantly and is now slightly ahead of Tier-I.

The increase in the number of searches in Tier-II cities also reflects the fact that questions increased by 200 percent for nursery schools and 149 percent for play schools. In Tier-1 cities, search for nursery schools increased by 162 percent and for place schools by 102 percent.

Among the Tier-I cities, Mumbai, which saw the worst lockdown because it was most affected by COVID, followed Delhi and Pune with the highest number of searches for nursery school admissions. Ranchi, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Lucknow and Nasik topped the list – 5 cities with the highest demand for nursery schools among Tier-2 cities.

After Delhi and Hyderabad, Mumbai has seen the most searches for play schools. Of all the Tier-1 cities, Delhi saw the highest increase in searches at 124 per cent. Chandigarh, Patna, Jaipur, Lucknow and Ludhiana were the top-5 tier-2 cities and cities where the most searched for play-schools.

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