SGGS has agreed to give character certificates to the students

After a 10-day protest in front of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College in Sector 26, the administration accepted the students’ demands and issued a certificate of character.

After a 10-day protest in front of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Sector 26, the management bowed to their request and issued character certificates to the students.

Some second-year students requested a certificate of character as part of their transfer papers. They requested a change of middle ground to join the cricket academy. Some people have their own problems with medium-term migration.

Students of Khalsa College have been fighting with the administration for a week over the certificate of character. The work was both bureaucratic and time-sensitive, as students who needed a certificate of character for the migration needed it now.

The management of Sri Guru Gobind Singh College in Sector 26 is rejecting the character certificates of the students, claiming that it was against the migration regulations of the Punjab University and there were no guidelines for intermediate movement. The students staged a protest demanding that they be deprived of their basic human rights.

In rare cases, there was a statement with the character certificate stating, “This applies outside the Chandigarh Union area.” Students complain, it is arbitrariness. The students were asked to issue a certificate of character immediately and to investigate on the basis of the administration’s arbitrary statement of character certificate.

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