Sowell has launched the Student Ambassador program

The social audio platform aims to enroll more than 500 students from more than 300 colleges.

Budding Asynchronous has announced the nationwide launch of the social audio app, Soyle, the Student Ambassador program.

The program aims to give a voice to the General-Z community by helping them engage in conversations on topics such as student life, self-care, pop culture, social media, photography, mental health, relationships, and more. Through this program, Swell aims to onboard more than 500 students from more than 300 colleges across India.

The asynchronous nature of the platform will allow more voices to be heard, breaking the barrier to conventional social audio trends of language, geography, and a few spotlights. Sowell allows for authentic conversations and actual connections, which allow students to be true to themselves, generally moving away from the superficial glimpses of social media.

Swell’s creators can create and nurture their own Swelcast, which can help them create their audio profiles in any local language at their convenience. They can share these audio content in the form of short video snippets across social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram through their own webpage. In addition, this program can help improve communication skills for both personal and professional growth.

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