SP Jain has got high rank in Global QILT 2021 Graduation Results Survey

SP Jain gets top ranking in Global Australian Quality Indicator for Learning and Technology (QILT) 2021 Graduate Results Survey

SP Jain School of Global Management, Forbes # 12 ranked business school, has surpassed every university in Australia in percentage of full-time employment of foreign students. Other parameters were overall employment rate, labor force participation rate and average wage. Compared to 40 Australian universities in all disciplines, SP Jain surpassed the university average by a large margin in three of the four employment results. SP Jain, in all indices, has better employment results in business and management than the average in the international student sector. Of the 32 private providers surveyed, SP Jain had the second highest full-time employment rate and the 5th highest median salary.

The QILT survey is the largest government-sponsored education and teaching survey in Australia. Combining data from all Australian institutions regarding student experience and graduate career outcomes, the data from this survey help students make informed decisions about their higher education options. Students can compare schools based on the results of hundreds of QILT questions completed by current and recent students and alumni. Polls consider a variety of factors, including face-to-face conversations, computer access, graduation income, and satisfaction with employment outcomes. The 2021 Graduate Results Survey is a study of recent graduates four to six months after graduation.

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