Spice Money celebrates women entrepreneurs in rural India

Announces Education Gifts for its 1 Million Merchant Network for Women and Daughters of Their Families, Free for One Year

Spice Money is at the forefront of bringing financial inclusion and empowerment for the thousands of epidemic-stricken Indians across the financially weaker sections of the rural sector. On this Women’s Day, Spice Money celebrates female nanopreneurs who have risen above adversity to embark on a journey of financial self-reliance and positive social impact, through its brand film. The film opens in a village where a traveler has to pick up cash. He’s looking for an ATM, and people point him to Vanuatu’s store. Arriving at the store, the undoubted traveler learns that Vanu, the protagonist, is a woman. It basically only breaks the stereotyping of men being breadwinners, especially in rural India. She works as a Spice Money Women’s Owner and provides financial services to people in her community. She embodied the emergence of modern, ambitious, financially independent Indian women in every corner of rural India. This inspirational film also congratulates the souls of other women who have taken responsibility for their lives and money while bringing financial services to their community.

To ensure that there are more female nanopreneurs like Vanuatu, Spice Money has teamed up with Edtech start-up Speed ​​Labs, a technology-based learning and practice platform to educate women and girls in the family of its owner network. For the wives of its owners, Spice Money brings free training on financial and digital literacy so that they can assist the owner in his business and create awareness about financial products in his village / area. Tomorrow’s women, daughters of the rightful owners, will have access to one year of free advanced online education (school curriculum 6th to 12th grade as well as college / professional degree) through this initiative. Education and training modules will be provided through Spice Money Academy, the industry-first digital training platform for providing financial and digital education to rural nanopreneurs in India.

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