Spring inspiration and new designer look

  • Fashion and lifestyle company Bruninger is once again positioning itself as a multi-channel destination for premium and luxurious fashion with contemporary, innovative and digital campaign production and storytelling.
  • To begin the spring / summer 2022 season, one of the top virtual production studios created an integrated campaign with two different versions made for target groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • The two promotional themes of inspiration, identity and unity, “the beauty of spring” and “eternal spring”, are reflected by the nine European talents represented. The campaign begins on April 4, 2022.

Hardly any season inspires the fashion world like spring. With its new spring / summer campaign, Bruninger captures the allure of this brightly colored and versatile season in a sensitive and expressive way. In addition to the latest designer looks from Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Jacquemus and Zimmermann, selected designers and new brands such as Bvlgari, Tiffany, Tilly Sveas and Ariane Ernst have created special jewelry at the beginning of the summer, all motivated. Stimulated and inspired individual expressions of style.

The main theme of the campaign is the innovative production method of extended reality, used here to create a dream-like background where real and virtual animals or objects can be seen together. Thanks to the depth of this fantasy space, visitors are taken to an inspiring spring landscape. In the first theme of the campaign, it is a vibrant, rich green garden scene (“spring beauty”), reminiscent of mind-blowing Impressionists, while the second theme of the campaign uses innovative visual techniques and plays with water reflections to mimic. A bright spring day (“Eternal Spring”).

Spring inspiration and new designer look

Spring inspiration and new designer look

The main unifying virtual element of both campaign formats is a blue butterfly designed by the famous French painter Pierre Mornet. Transformed into a digital 3D animation, the butterfly surrounds a total of nine campaign talents through early summer settings, focusing on fashion and beauty models Lorena Ray, Julia Bonas and Stuttgart-based ballet solo Matteo Mickey. In POS, the blue butterfly appears as an inspirational icon in the window, in the store, and as an installation in the attic of the Bruninger store.

With this completely innovative and hybrid campaign product that combines the real and digital world, we are establishing a unique kind of communication with a very special application. Combining the versatility of the early summer season with the underlying narrative, we’ve managed to create a brand new identity for Bruninger that is both amazing and inspiring, “said Kirsten Hendrich, Bruninger’s Chief Brand Officer.

The central communication element of the campaign is a 20-second or 15-second campaign film, depending on the theme, which is broadcast on TV and all relevant digital channels and is supplemented by print, outdoors, DOOH and Bruninger’s own channels. . Social media channels like Snapchat and Instagram also play a central role. On breuninger.com, the promotion will be available on TV starting April 4, 2022 or April 19, 2022. Highlights from the extensive new designer collection will also be on display at the “Digital Fashion Show” on April 5, 2022 at 7pm. At breuninger.com with the campaign.

Virtual Studios sets the stage for the latest Breuninger promotion
Bruninger was the first fashion client to create a new campaign at Europe’s leading virtual production studio, drawing a hyperbole production facility in the city of Penning, near Landsburg am Lech, drawing “Metaverse”, an extension of reality in the digital space, to present its brand. With an LED area of ​​500 square meters, the digitally created fantasy world blends with reality. Hyperball is one of the only studios to have a high-resolution LED ceiling, which can transform the space for filming into a pool of water.

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Find the “Spring Beauty” and “Eternal Spring” campaign strands here

Editors note:

All images were recorded in compliance with government regulations regarding COVID-19, which were in force at the time of recording. COVID security measures are in place to ensure that each person is pictured to ensure that all security measures were taken at the location of the shooting.

E. Breuninger GmbH & Co.
The fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger was founded by Eduard Breuninger in 1881 and is now one of Europe’s leading multi-channel department stores. In its 140-year history, Bruninger has set high standards for fashion, beauty and lifestyle with its exclusive selection of international designer brands and newcomer brands. Launched in 2008, the online store www.breuninger.com is one of the most successful online stores in the premium segment and is available to customers in Austria, Switzerland and Poland. In addition to its impeccable style and trends, Bruninger offers deeply customer-oriented: special services, in-house Bespoke Atelier, click and collection and online reservations, in-store ordering service and shuttle service to ensure a great shopping experience, whether online or in person. In Germany and Luxembourg, Bruninger now operates 13 department stores with approximately 6,500 employees. The grand opening of a Bruning department store in Hamburg is planned for 2023.

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