StayQrious has launched the world’s first neo school

The idea of ​​Neo-School is to make international quality education accessible to all.

StayQrious, an ad-tech startup, has introduced the idea of ​​a neochool, with the goal of making international quality education accessible to all. A neoschool is an online school that teaches children real-world skills, social confidence and a learning mindset that regular schools and tuitions do not teach. Children attending StayQrious online neoschools in the evenings get access to international quality education at a fraction of the cost, along with their regular school upgrades.

Driven by growing aspirations and the demand for international quality education, with the growing need for supplementary education due to the growing need for extra-school education, it has become important to offer more than conventional subjects and repeat school. Class StayQrious, with its unique practical and brain-science-based teaching methods, teaches children in a small 1: 6 mixed-age classroom on core knowledge such as design thinking, collaborative problem solving, scientific thinking, and more. A dedicated ‘learning coach’ teaches children how to work in a team and to communicate with courage, to have a mental mindset to deal with future uncertainties and, most importantly, to teach them effective study techniques so that they can self-learn what they need in the future. Can

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