Strengthening scientific ties IIT BHU Varanasi collaborates with the United States

The cooperation seeks to scale up the social challenges of both countries.

In recent developments, the I-DAPT-HUB Foundation, a technology innovation hub at IIT (BHU) Varanasi, has partnered with the US National Science Foundation (NSF) for joint research in data analytics and predictive technology (DAPT). The study focuses on addressing the social challenges of their respective countries and enhancing science and technology relations between India and the United States.

The I-DAPT Hub Foundation will provide financial support for research on DAPT and its implementation in areas of power / energy, telecommunications, road transport, highways and health and family welfare up to 10 million rupees.

Professor Rajiv Prakash, Project Director, I-DAPT HUB Foundation, emphasized that Indo-US cooperation is playing a vital role in the development of innovation and will tap the talent pool of scientists and entrepreneurs in both the countries. This will help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the government. India’s goal will be achieved by 2030.

The invitation is open for proposals for Indo-US collaborative research and will remain active until April 25, 2022 for the first round of screening.

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