Stress Combating Workshop for Mental Health Day Students Resume School

UCANJI organized a ‘Stress Basting Dance Workshop’ on October 10, World Mental Health Day, for those who have resumed school after nearly 18 months of online learning.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day celebrated on 10th October, UCANJI conducts a ‘Stress Basting Dance Workshop’ for students in a skills education platform school so that students can feel welcome, relaxed and refreshed when they return to school. Again

The ‘Stress Basting Dance Workshop by UCANJI’, which was attended by over 40-50 students, began with a trendy musical beat, with students moving out of their comfort zone to participate. Within minutes, the workshop saw students dance to the full throttle dance with the beat and enjoy the dance steps taught by UCANJI’s professional choreographers and mastered the unique trending steps, ending with a session to understand how expressing emotions from dance helps relieve stress and anxiety. Is. And build more confidence. The students definitely didn’t want to end the workshop, because after about 2 years they all got a chance to have a fun dance together and express themselves independently.

Since October 4, 2021, schools have reopened for physical classes; Students across the country have been silently fighting the epidemic behind closed doors for more than two years and facing severe trauma and the stress of being stuck at home and fear of getting sick or losing a loved one, the workshop has been a joy. The students had a much needed session.

Professional dancers from UCANJI conducted this lively stress-busting workshop, keeping students 6 feet away from the workshop following the Covid safety protocol.

The workshop was also broadcast live on the YouTube and Instagram channels of UCANGI and Bal Bhavan International School.

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