Students at Chaman Indian School have launched a high-altitude balloon satellite

6th and 7th grade students send a payload into space to celebrate National Science Day.

Chaman Bhartiya School (CBS), a ‘WE LEAD’ curriculum-based digitally equipped K-12 school located in the Indian city, North Bangalore, launched a high altitude balloon satellite at the center on 27 February 2022, at 3:45 AM. Research and Education in Science and Technology (CREST) ​​Campus of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, located in Hoscot, to celebrate National Science Day in memory of Sir CV Raman. Students were informed about the payload during school hours on Friday and spent 33 sessions to complete the payload. They have built the entire payload in-house with the help of teachers specializing in space education.

Students were taught the basics of electronics, physics, mathematics and space education to be able to understand the whole process of the project. The purpose behind the launch is to create a scientific payload that can collect pollution, radiation data through sensors and cameras and send biological tests to nearby space (25-30 km). This space program is designed to facilitate the development of leadership skills such as problem solving and collaboration.

The balloon crossed the troposphere of the Earth’s atmosphere and had a flight time of four hours. The payload measures pollution levels and background radiation during flight and records them for further study. The technical team tracked the balloon via GPS tracker and it was speculated that the payload crossed the troposphere and landed at Narsapura Lake and then proceeded towards Kolar.

6th and 7th graders started this project in August 2021 and worked on various concepts like atmospheric science, space environment, programming, circuit design, satellites, satellite communication and electronics throughout the project. They had to wait for their perfect day and weather to launch this balloon into the Earth’s stratosphere for data analysis. The center of creativity and innovation is a concept where digital and analog activities come together with educators. These ideas are based on design thinking in a creative space. Students go through 5 steps of design thinking in a specific place within the school.

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