Sunstone Education University announces online MBA program in partnership with 2 campuses

The program is based on Sunstone’s groundbreaking Pay After Placement (PAP) model and is offered at a zero advance fee.

Sunstone Education has launched its online MBA program in partnership with MIT, Pune and Jain University, Bangalore. The program is specifically designed to focus on ‘Workplace-Skills’ add-ons, a skill gap that has been repeated multiple times by multiple L&D research reports and industry experts. It adopts a unique approach to training and development based on a proprietary model, which recognizes that employment and career success is driven not only by functional and soft skills, but also by proper behavior and mentality. The program will have 48 training sessions and 12 celebrity masterclasses from renowned subject matter experts to help students / executives gain insights from the best in the industry. In addition, while Sunstone is offering all of its online management programs at zero advance fees, it also takes responsibility for at least a 25 percent pay rise.

This program is designed to maximize students’ e-learning. The unique features of this program are:

  1. Zero Upfront Fee – This allows students / executives to start their MBA / PGDM journey with zero upfront fee.
  2. 25 percent salary increase – The program ensures that students are equipped with invaluable skills which guarantees 25 percent salary increase.
  3. Celebrity Masterclass – Masterclass sessions with celebrities to help students gain business insights from various domain experts.
  4. Mentorship program – one of the most enlightening features where the program provides individual guidance to each student to help them move up the learning curve.
  5. Resume Building Services – Training and support of corporate leaders for resume / portfolio building.
  6. Skills Labs – Students benefit from hands-on learning and art-based skills acquisition.

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