TagHive Inc re-collaborates with Cable to improve online evaluation

Samsung Ventures-supported Ed-Tech startup TagHive Inc aims to establish a digital transformation in the education sector assessment domain with the Cable Education Foundation.

Samsung Ventures-supported ed-tech start-up TagHive Inc. India has successfully entered the online assessment domain, paving the way for a paradigm shift in education. TagHive Inc. Kaibalya has provided the Education Foundation with a platform to successfully conduct large-scale assessments in two stages: Baseline and Endline, for 10,000 students in 900 schools in 3 states last year.

Large-scale assessments are used to measure the success of policy changes by examining student performance before and after implementation.

Under the collaboration, TagHive and KEF evaluated 10,614 of which 221 were for their baseline episode and 6,393 for their last line. These numbers were realized in a short time and it is a testament to the efficiency of the product.

With the successful implementation of this project, TagHive hopes to further collaborate with KEF for its 40,000 partner schools, 20 million students. In the future, Tag Hive aims to help more foundations achieve the success of LSA implementation by reducing their costs, saving them time and increasing the accuracy of their reports.

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