Take 40,000 teachers to upskill and launch iHomework

School EdTech MajorLEAD made the announcement at an innovation conference held for 4000+ schools

Aiming to provide the best-in-class affordable education in the country, LEAD – India’s leading school EdTech player – has announced a new initiative to upskill 40,000 teachers across the country and free up 150 teaching time for each teacher in 2022. The announcement was made at the LEAD Innovation Conference held for 4,000+ schools.

School Adtech Major has also announced the launch of iHomework which will help teachers save 1 hour per day i.e. 150 hours for each teacher in a year which they can now use for something more productive.

Teachers spend enough time preparing and evaluating homework on a daily basis. iHomework changes which allows teachers to access a variety of homework options (MCQ, video, quiz, fill in the blanks, etc.) and sends daily instructions with just one click using their app. Innovation helps them track who has completed homework, who has not, and triggers reminders accordingly. It has the ability to read almost any handwriting and correct purposeful questions and short word answers. In other cases, teachers can zoom in to read and modify the app and reward students for their performance. The feature also offers learning gaps for students and lays the foundation for a remedial plan for tasks.

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