Talent to transform communications for more than 1,500 buses across the West

Talent’s secure digital radio-powered service will provide enhanced flexibility and performance to support National Express West Midlands bus operations, integrating the vehicle system with its distributed control room.

Warwick, UK, April 6, 2022 – Bus and control rooms across the West Midlands are ready to receive transformational communication upgrades in the next 12 months, as Talent has been awarded a contract to implement digital mobile radio (DMR) communications and services upgraded by National Express West Midlands (NXWM). More than 1,500 people live in the area.

National Express West Midlands bus

National Express West Midlands bus

The main deal will cover nine bus depots, including all routes across the West Midlands Convergence. New communication solutions include the gradual replacement of existing analog technologies and the core communication infrastructure currently used in vehicles, control rooms and related radio base station sites. Upgrading to a DMR Tier III system will give NXWM digital speech clarity and system resilience. It will also provide enhanced features and the ability to add enhanced functionality to meet business needs.

The long-term contract will be offered as a managed service contract worth approximately িয়ন 14 million GBP. Migration will be managed and delivered entirely by Talent and includes GPS location tracking, emergency call priority, status messaging, ticket machine integration, dynamic group call allocation and smartphone PTT applications.

“As an engineer who has been working with analog and digital communication solutions, and in particular this client, for over 35 years, I am thrilled that Talent will play such an integral role in modernizing public transport in the West Midlands,” commented Talent Solutions Architect Adrian. Phillips. “It is imperative that public transport adopts the most up-to-date and sophisticated technology, and transfers to the DMR system, ensuring that buses in this area are fully connected and maintained.”

Talent Communications, a radio solution maker, is partnering with Tate Communications to transition from Talent Analog to DMR technology. The new radio systems will initially be placed in analog mode. When all the vehicles in the fleet are upgraded to the new technology, the system will go into digital mode. This will ensure minimal disruption to regular bus services and ensure uninterrupted change for the customer’s end users.

Steve Smith, Operations Technology Manager at National Express West Midlands, said: “In identifying suppliers for this major upgrade project, we have identified Telent’s fully managed service as, in our opinion, the most comprehensive and respectable solution. Working with Talent as a long-term partner will enable our fleet to take advantage of the latest and most innovative radio technology, which is critical to the smooth delivery of our services to our customers and the quality of service. The change will enhance the overall passenger and bus driver experience by providing additional protection to all of our bus services. “

The initial rollout of the upgrade will begin after 2022. As the largest bus operator in the West Midlands and the largest bus operator in the UK, more than 2.8 million people across the region use NXWM services.

Telent has an impressive background in large fleet deployments and is currently working with the Ambulance Radio program to establish next-generation mobile data communication upgrades to ambulances across England and Wales.

For more information about Telent, please visit: https://telent.com/.

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