Technical educator Harsh Varwani has introduced NFT in education

JetKing Infotrain has launched India’s first collection of 10,000 unique 3.0 Lion NFTs

Jetking Infotrain, a digital skills institute, has announced the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFT), including educational ones used to purchase premium courses. This is the first NFT launched by an Indian educational institution. Students can pay a fee to the institution to follow NFT courses directly or through their wallet. If they use Crypto Wallet, they can transfer the specified amount to the organization’s account using Crypto.

Jetking Infotrain has launched a collection of 10,000 unique ‘Web 3.0 Lion NFTS’ – unique digital collectibles living in the Ethereum blockchain. ‘Web 3.0 Lions’ will give access to the NFT JetKing community which is an affiliate Web 3.0 community. In the blockchain domain, they are one of the first platforms that allows students to purchase courses like Jetking Premium and Jetking Gold using non-fungible tokens that they have created as Jetking Collection in various popular NFT marketplaces such as, Rare.

The initiative stems from the Institute’s belief in promoting technology inclusion. The digital world is full of innovation and sometimes at risk of cyber threats. Blockchain-backed digital assets NFTs are gaining popularity because of their uniqueness. NFT or non-fungible token is a new digital token that is exchanged via cryptocurrency but cannot be exchanged. However, the NFT market is reaching new heights and many people are involved in buying, selling and developing NFT.

The purpose behind launching NFT is to ensure that buyers own unique items through digital means. NFTs typically represent digital ownership of assets and they use blockchain technology to digitally issue a certificate of ownership. This certificate is highly authenticated and relies on a decentralized platform.

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