Telent fire and rescue stations provide communication refreshments

Providing end-to-end replacement of legacy networks, system upgrades provide critical control room connectivity to fire stations across the UK.

Warwick, UK, 31 March 2022 – Telent has completed a network refresh to support stations and systems for major fire and rescue services in England. The upgrade soon replaced the retired backup networks, and ESN provided the company’s mobilization solution for compatibility.

The fire department

The fire department

End-to-end proven solutions from Telent are currently live across more than 20 stations and can be quickly installed and easily collected through various Crown Commercial Services (CCS) frameworks. The project will provide enhanced resilience and security and provide an alternative backup carrier on Paknet, PSTN and 2G / 3G to ensure stations are connected when the main network is down.

The new station end solution will serve as an upgrade and replacement of existing legacy systems. The Paknet service will be withdrawn this year, and PSTN has announced the reason for retiring in 2025 and the mobile operators have announced the phased withdrawal of 3G and 2G networks from 2023. Telent’s network upgrades provide an important link to firefighters directly from the control room and can be connected by multiple carrier networks, including station equipment and 4G, to provide more resilience. The solution is compatible with ESN Connect services in preparation for nationwide ESN conversions.

Barry Jilinski, Talent’s director of operations and services, said: “Talent’s new solution offers the latest integrated upgrade route for fire and rescue services across the UK. Our 4G-enabled ESN-approved technology is the perfect solution to replace existing systems that are about to retire, and our fully-fledged service ensures an uninterrupted change for companies in preparation for ESN. Talent is the preferred partner for emergency services companies looking to work alongside a company with the knowledge, skills and vision to innovate services in the years to come.

As part of the full-service offer, Talent has provided extensive design, testing and deployment services. It began with initial development and testing in its specialized labs, reducing pilot testing and pre-staging site time and maximizing service quality for setting up original projects. Telent’s protected features include pre-staging equipment, testing and fully configuring all equipment to minimize any early life failures or any on-site engineering visits. The project solution is available as part of Talent’s fully managed service portfolio.

Telent currently supports station and mobilization systems for more than 20 fire and rescue services across the UK and for every county fire service in the Republic of Ireland. These include the recent communications and mobility upgrades for the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and the support of the radio paging network used to assemble the lifeboat crew for RNLI.

To learn more about the new station end solution, or to arrange a free evaluation to discuss your specific needs and requirements, please contact [email protected].

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Clients include Transport for London, Highway England, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Virgin Media, Network Rail, Openrich, Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Hinkley Points.

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