Tharu reacted to DU professor Mark Jihad’s statement against Kerala education

On Thursday, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor termed the Delhi University professor’s ‘Mark Jihad’ statement against the Kerala School Board as ‘ridiculous’.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Thursday described the Delhi University professor’s “Mark Jihad” remarks against the Kerala Board of Education as “ridiculous” after a large number of students from the southern state applied to DU colleges for higher education with good marks.

In response to Rakesh Kumar Pandey’s remarks, Tharoor, a member of the National Democratic Teachers Front, an RSS-affiliated teachers’ organization, who hinted at a “conspiracy” behind a large number of Kerala applicants, said, “This anti-Kerala bias must be done. It’s over now!” “The use of ‘jihad’ as a synonym for any trend you don’t like is crossing all boundaries: now a DU teacher has unreasonably drawn attention by denying #Marxjihad!”, Tweeted a link to a news report carried by Tharoor Pandey. Controversial comment. “I have always denied the over-reliance on Mark as the main criterion for admission to DU, but it is ridiculous. If” jihad “means a struggle (above all with oneself), Kerala students have fought against adversity by scoring 100% to get to DU. Interview them first, but don’t call their mark ghosts! This anti-Kerala bias should end now! “, Thiruvananthapuram MP tweeted.

In a statement on Wednesday, Pandey alleged that “Kerala Board students’ attack with perfect 100 per cent marks cannot be considered as unplanned.” “This indicates something that must be investigated. There is no way for Kerala Board students to accept this indescribable flow as normal. Most of these students do not feel comfortable in Hindi or English. All these students do not have 100 marks. Percentage marks in 11th class.” Pandey called it “Marxist jihad.”

The admission of more than 100 students of the Kerala board was withheld by the Delhi University (DU) for confusion regarding their marksheets, but the matter was resolved after officials contacted the southern state board, sources said on Wednesday.

Despite a large number of Kerala board students applying to DU College, most of them perfect scorers, there was a problem with their marksheet on Monday, which led the university’s admissions branch to direct admissions to colleges. Welcome. Most of these admissions took place at North Campus College, sources said.


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