The Alliance School of Liberal Arts introduces transdisciplinary curriculum

In addition to the undergraduate program, the university is also offering a fellowship program, the ‘Global Leaders Alliance’.

Alliance University has launched its School of Liberal Art at an online event, featuring renowned Indian writer Chetan Bhagat. The school offers a graduate program for students with the freedom to choose subjects and design their degrees with majors and minors of their interest. This is the defining principle of the program that is captured in Maxim: ‘Freedom of excellence.’

The school aims to promote student development through holistic exposure to relevant subjects, including sociology, political science, literature, philosophy or Indian culture.

In addition to the undergraduate program, the university is also offering a type of postgraduate fellowship program called the Global Leaders Alliance (GLA) Fellowship. The goal of the Fellowship Program is to train and mold young thinkers with the potential for excellence in tackling the unique and multifaceted challenges of the twenty-first century. The Fellowship Teaching Episode will be offered by a great group of foreign faculty members from top-rated universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard.

The undergraduate majors offered by the School of Liberal Arts include English, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Public Policy, Economics, Data Science and Applied Mathematics. Students who enroll in the program will also study an extensive set of foundation courses, which will help them develop their basic skills in critical thinking, research, and ethics. They will also have the option of studying a foreign language of their choice. Students will have the benefit of participating in classes led by an international faculty. These students will also have tracks inside the GLA Fellowship Program at the end of their undergraduate studies.

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