The Andhra Pradesh government encourages higher education institutions to be employed

NITI AYOG commends the state government for integrating such a revolutionary initiative with higher education institutions.

Being employed in community service gives students the opportunity to be active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society. Community service enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service / solution to those who need it most. Higher education institutions are the biggest asset in their area, but they have long been isolated from the surrounding community. The state government is looking for ways to open the university to bring it into the community and at the same time integrate the university with the community to understand the realities and problems that exist within the community. This initiative is the first of its kind and has been acclaimed by NITI AYOG

The community involvement of higher education institutions is brought together through a project in a course or series of courses that have both learning and community action goals. The project is designed through collaboration between faculty and community partners. The project asks students to apply course content to community-based activities. It provides students with empirical learning opportunities in a real-world context and develops community participation skills while providing opportunities to meet the significant needs of community partners.

The purpose of the Community Planning and Development Board is to advise the government on issues affecting community development, including the services of higher education institutions, including engineering, pharmacy, education, law, and conventional degree colleges. A university-community partnership is essential for effectively creating poverty, social exclusion and a positive impact. One such exercise is called the Haifa Partnership for the Eradication of Poverty (HPEP) and is being adopted by universities around the world.

The main purpose of the Community Planning and Development Board

1. To take responsibility for making community development plan.

2. Considering the perceived needs of the community.

3. Combine perceived needs and propose action plans to meet perceived needs.

4. Advise on the programs needed to meet the perceived needs enlightened in the action plan.

5. To review and monitor the progress of the course of action.

6. Integrate ICT with people’s empowerment to achieve new capabilities and ways to participate in a networked society.

7. To act as a bridge between the people and the government.

8. To share micro-level results with the concerned department if required.

9. Conducting social audits with the participation of felt citizens and the student community to awaken feelings of devotion and social commitment.

Sharing the details, Neduramalli Ram Kumar Reddy, Chairman, AP State Government’s Community Planning and Development Board, said, “The Community Planning and Development Board acts as a bridge between the government and the people. To encourage them to be part of the governance. In this way, students can be socially responsible which can bring a happy living environment. “

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