The Anmath School has introduced the Anmath District to make math education easier

Over the next six months, it will affect more than 10,000 students and train more than 5,000 teachers in 200 schools across India.

UnMath School, an innovative teaching organization, has announced the launch of a new 10-day program, UnMath District. Through this program, the school aims to teach more than 10,000 students in 200 schools across India. The company aims to train more than 5,000 teachers to be able to teach mathematics in a fun and enjoyable way. Some of the schools involved are Delhi Public School, Billabong High International School, Dunes International School, Birla Education Trust, Welham Boys School and Lawrence School.

With the reopening of schools, UnMath is ready to use all available materials, making schools an exciting place to learn and understand the real-time application of mathematical concepts in almost every corner of the school. Teachers are also trained in the program to help create a curriculum that continuously integrates creative math and incorporates new ideas for engaging students both online and offline.

The 10-day program consists of five exciting modules, each lasting two days: Green Math, Math Hotspot, City in the Math, Math Essay, and Gamify Math. On the other hand, partner schools can implement all or choose from options. After a 10-day period, remote assistance or guidance is provided to schools in case of any doubt and this assistance is not time-limited.

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