The best age to start Carnatic song lessons

Different kids have different music choices, but there is a huge advantage in creating interest in learning Carnatic music online

Music, an integral part of human society since the dawn of civilization, is timeless and has the power to transform culture, society and even the nation. From time immemorial, music has existed and evolved over the generations into various art forms, some of which not only exist today, but are also very popular. One such musical form is Carnatic music. Carnatic music is one of the most popular Indian classical music industry in South India, also known as Carnatic music. It is commonly heard in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Children in the region become familiar with it at an early age because the industry requires rigorous training, dedication and professional guidance to move it forward.

In today’s world, different kids have different music choices, but there is a huge advantage in creating interest in learning Carnatic music online. Carnatic music specializes in the emphasis on voice and composition.

In fact, there is no universally accepted “best age” for starting music lessons. The typical age range for starting structured music education is between 3 and 8 years, depending on who you are asking. However, there are many benefits to starting children at an early age. With its varied range of composition structures like Raga, Tal and Bhajan, Nattu Swaras, Gitam, Kirthanas, Varna, Krittis etc. Carnatic music provides lots of melodic patterns that can be explored and benefited.

There are many benefits to getting started early

There are many benefits to learning Carnatic music at an early age. It can help kids express themselves and their emotions, develop creativity, improve communication skills, connect with their roots and give them something artistic! Learning Carnatic music is similar to learning a foreign language; That way, the sooner you start teaching your child, the more benefits they will get and the longer it will take them to learn and perfect their techniques. Early start allows the child to gain practical understanding of theoretical concepts, among other things, voice control, phrases, better and clearer melodic / rhythmic listening.

Here are some benefits of starting an online Carnatic music class for your child at an early age:

Encourages disciplined learning
Carnatic vocals call for discipline to sing within the limits of its rules. Regular practice of proper music etiquette improves discipline which also affects other aspects of the child’s life.

Calm effect

Music is a scientifically proven stress reliever. Music provides a calm and relaxed feeling for the student. Similarly, Carnatic singing enhances the positive spiritual impact in its strong devotional background, which relieves all the stress for the students.

Helps in development of vocal cords

Learning Karnataka vocal helps in the development of vocal cords in children. It can help improve pronunciation and good speech quality. It helps in the development of an impressive voice.

Increases brain function

Classical music similarly benefits children and adolescents with improved brain functions such as hearing, memory, sharpness, and so on. Learning different rages and tones, among other things, requires a keen memory that positively affects the development of the brain.

Improves density

Carnatic music lessons for newcomers improve concentration because it requires deep interest and dedication to learn and explore all aspects of music. Learning also provides a sense of accomplishment for the student which in itself is satisfying.

Helps to develop cultural sensitivity

As mentioned earlier, Carnatic vocal music is a traditional art form that beautifully depicts culture. Carnatic music allows children to learn about ancient music and culture which helps them to connect naturally with their roots.

Cleverness in music

While exploring different aspects of Carnatic music, students come in contact with different types of artistic techniques / theories / interpretations etc. As a result, it thoroughly enhances their creativity within a set of orderly boundaries.

The melody and rhythm are the focal point of Carnatic vocal music, which includes other things like tone, raga, rhythm etc. Learning Carnatic music is good for our soul and inner happiness, but it is also enjoyable for the listener. So prepare your kids for new music lessons and create a peaceful environment at home.

What is the best way to learn Carnatic vocal music?

After all, every child is unique, and you are the best judge of your child’s interests and abilities. Introduce them to different types of music, look at their interests and consider what you want to gain from their musical endeavors. Use all available resources to maximize benefits and minimize any potential problems.

Due to the busy schedule, travel problems and the current Covid-19 situation, it can be difficult for kids to attend offline music classes. If you want to start your child’s Carnatic music education in this day and age, online Carnatic music classes can be.

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