The biggest challenge for future job management professionals is MDI Gurgaon

The biggest challenge for management professionals today is the future of work and preparing students for this great unknown.

With the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), the biggest challenge for management professionals today is the future of work, according to Rajesh Chakraborty, Director, Institute of Management Development (MDI), Gurgaon.

This was stated by Chakraborty while addressing the inaugural session of the Indian Management Conclave (IMC) 2021 organized by and also hosted by MDI Gurgaon on December 20-21.

“The biggest challenge I’ve personally seen is the future of the job,” he said. “We talk about AI. What is the reality that will affect the average student today in the next half decade? And how much of it will be in the hands of a select few?

Chakraborty added that a few years ago, business education was most sought after because of the way it was packaged and “success is expected to bring it to our students”.

“Today we are, in some ways, losing ground for information science,” he said. “In fact, there is a preference for people to pursue data science as a separate discipline, not for a business degree.” He emphasized that management education could not proceed without the use of data science, adding that the two were now integrated.

Referring to the radical change brought about by the Kovid-19 epidemic, he said: “The epidemic has taught us or underlined the fact that we all knew but never pushed ourselves to talk about what can be achieved on the computer screen. And what cannot be achieved as well. We are learning. The potential and limitations of online learning. ”

Chakraborty also spoke about the importance of B-school teachers research and its impact on the classroom.

“Should we pressure faculty to do research? Does it really add value? Is there really a connection between journal articles and what happens in the classroom? Are researchers and teachers really the same person? How do we balance them? “

Noting that there is truth on both sides, the MDI Gurgaon director said that “this is a debate or discussion that we all need to be involved in”.

In his inaugural address, Tech Mahindra MD and CEO CP Gurnani said that today’s young executives are different from the previous generation.

“Not only are they pursuing rewards and careers like the traditional job-satisfaction matrix, but they want to go beyond that and make a positive impact,” Gurnani said. “They are not only satisfied with salaries and promotions, they want their work to have an impact on society and the environment. B-schools and corporates must support and nurture this spirit. ”

In a special address, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Chairman Anil D. Sahasrabudhe said that the new Education Policy (NEP) 2020 promotes multifaceted and multi-disciplinary education in different ways.

“B-schools should make the best use of the NEP framework and become strong as degree-granting institutions,” he said while delivering his speech from Jammu.

Earlier, Amit Agnihotri, founder and convener of the IMC, said that the conclave was based on five pillars: a conference consisting of a plenary session initially; IMC Award for Excellence in Management Education; Director’s policy roundtable; IMC Faculty Master Class; And the IMC Distinguished Alumni Award.

This year’s Conclave theme is ‘Teacher-centered Management Education.’

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