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The Unacademy Store allows students to browse Unacademy’s offers offline and consult with experts

Unacademie launches ‘The Unacademie Store’ – the country’s first experience store. These stores, with their first opening in New Delhi, enable Unacademy to go one step further in its vision of democratizing high-quality knowledge for all, with the aim of spreading awareness of the platform’s offerings to students.

Unacademy has designed the store to serve as an offline touchpoint for students who want to experience and browse through a variety of platform offers. The store is designed to help students stay up-to-date on their chosen career path and connect with like-minded people.

On-ground counseling with experts and frequent meetings with top educators and many other ingredients will provide an overall experience in the store to expand their knowledge about their chosen goals. Students can purchase in-store subscriptions for any selected goal after counseling and browsing through the content offer.

All Unacademy stores are built with a highly modern and minimalist design to enhance the browsing experience. The environment has been improved internally which is a symbol of Unacademi culture – the widespread use of white and the wooden furniture bringing serenity to the floor.

Unacademy Stores combines a few more features for a better experience:

  1. Experience Zone: On-display devices (tablets and screens), including content running from Unacademie, will help users understand our offer and subscription model. Here, visitors will be assisted by our on-the-ground experts or they may take their time to explore their own content.
  2. ‘Connect’ – Field of Counseling: Students will be able to get directions and assistance with available product offers or subscription purchases with experts.
  3. The in-house library is equipped with relevant reading resources that help students stay updated on their chosen field.
  4. Spacious classroom, where we will often host sessions with top teachers from different departments for all students.
  5. Merchandise wall is useful and attractive with cool, flannel-worthy products like clothing, stationery, etc. available for shopping.
  6. Select Una Academy stores will also have a functioning cafeteria so that students can plan extended schedules at the store.

The UNA Academy Store will be a place for beginners to think, focus and connect. The first Una Academy store opened at 10 a.m. on March 12 in Pusa Road, New Delhi. The company plans to set up similar touchpoints across the country starting from Kota, Jaipur and Lucknow as a next step in this initiative.

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