The German supplier from Frankfurt supplies serious raw materials to the UK

Industrial demand for raw materials such as strategic metals, platinum metals and rare earths can be met by TRADIUM GmbH. Located in Frankfurt, TRADIUM offers a large product selection with very fast delivery times.

TRADIUM GmbH, one of the most famous German commodities and metals traders, offers a reliable supply in spite of the ongoing buying crisis in the commodity market. On top of the ongoing Corona epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict is affecting the economy and causing further supply deficits as well as delays in transportation. Many commodity merchants have already had to inform their industrial customers about the uncertain delivery time and rising logistical costs. Due to the long extended independence from the currently uncertain supply chain, TRADIUM is able to supply a wide range of critical raw materials of industry quality and quantity at short notice. The company, based in Frankfurt, Germany, has been supplying technical metals, platinum metals and rare earths for over 20 years.

Tradium warehouse raw material

Tradium warehouse raw material

Good stock warehouse with strategic metal
Thanks to the long-standing business relationship with the manufacturers and the advance procurement of raw materials, the company has huge stocks of rare earth elements, technical metals and platinum group metals which are kept in their high-security warehouse in Frankfurt. With products stocked in a variety of qualities, quantities and delivery forms, customers can select from their list using the available product specifications and arrange for immediate delivery.

The following raw materials are in stock:
Technical metals such as gallium, germanium, hafnium, indium, rhenium
Precious metals such as iridium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium
Rare earth, such as dysprosium, neodymium, praseodymium, terbium, yttrium

“We started diversifying our supply chain several years ago and procuring raw materials from different countries of origin. In this way, we can counteract dependence and respond flexibly to interruptions or distractions. This security of supply makes us an invaluable partner for a number of industrial companies that are in dire need of raw materials to maintain their own supply chains. “- Matthias Ruth, Managing Director, TRADIUM.

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Contact for TRADIUM
Catherine Grave
Phone: + 49-69-50 50 250-214
Email: [email protected]

As an owner-managed company, TRADIUM GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, has been successfully serving customers in industry and commerce since 1999. We supply a variety of innovative industries using technological metals, rare earth metals and precious metals, including the electronics industry, the automotive industry, the glass and ceramic industry and dental technology. As a global operating company, TRADIUM works with a large number of international partners. Long-term cooperation guarantees reliability and proximity to the market, as well as compatibility for related products. Companies without storage facilities can store their raw materials in the highly secure bonded warehouse of TRADIUM’s sister company METLOCK GmbH.

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