The HCL Foundation renovates wash infrastructure in 10 government schools

About 2,967 students, 21 school staff and 220 parents and community members in Hyderabad have benefited from these interventions.

The HCL Foundation has built and renovated the washing infrastructure at 10 government schools in Hyderabad, under the auspices of HCL Uday’s Wash (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). First Lancer Government High School of Hyderabad and Government High School, Dhulpet, has been handed over to the school administration in the presence of District Education Officer (DEO) of Hyderabad, Vijay Anand Guntur, President of ERS, HCL. Technology, Hyderabad and other officials and team members of the HCL Foundation and its partner NGOs.

To create awareness about good hygiene habits, various initiatives such as hand washing, toilet use, menstrual hygiene, personal hygiene and interesting wall messages about ‘do’s and don’ts’ during Covid-19 prevention have been painted on the walls of both washrooms. Public school as a ready reference for students to follow.

Under HCL Uday’s Wash Wash in Hyderabad, so far 16 hand washing platforms, 98 toilets, 75 urinals, three toilets for special needs children, one monthly health management (MHM) changing room for girls and four sewerage connections have been constructed / improved. In order to sensitize and educate the public about the importance of hand washing for public health, teacher training programs and community awareness sessions are also conducted regularly.

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