The ICFAI Foundation has launched an online MBA with Distance and Online Center

The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education recently launched the online MBA program through the establishment of the Center for Distance and Online Education (CDOE).

ICFAI’s online MBA program combines ICFAI’s legacy of over 30 years of academic excellence, with two decades of open and distance learning in management education, management programs for flexible distance learning and e-learning, and state-of-the-art technology tools. Skills for the 21st Century Workplace. The two-year full online MBA program is different from any other one currently available in the domain of management education.

The program adopts a cafeteria approach for its selectors with an entrepreneurial practice, making it possible for flexible and effective learning. Further, four unique learning offerings are emphasized, including micro-learning, gamification, concept in context and P2P exercises. The weekly “Interactive Webinar Series”, called “WiseViews”, is another unique offer for anyone interested in enrolling for an online MBA program featuring high profile enlightened people from industry and domain-specific experts who share their cutting-edge insights.

The online MBA program seeks to meet the demand for high-quality management education at a time when lectures on campus have been hit hard by the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic. However, many candidates who are committed to providing near-virtual campus experience through its ICFAI Online program have, unfortunately, missed out on the state-of-the-art facilities of the varsity located on the 91-acre green campus.

Keeping in mind the needs of working executives and new graduates, the program enhances the existing MBA curriculum to provide personalized ICFAI online MBA programs and micro-learning options. The focus on micro and nano case studies, in particular, places learning experiences in real-life contexts. These cases are summarized in video format to capture the attention of students who come in contact with additional learning objects and facilitate discussion. The ‘discussed exercises’ are designed through the framework of P2P (Practice to Precept to Practice). The two combine to provide a hands-on learning experience and transferable managerial skills.

In addition, entrepreneurial practice or business research projects are designed to enable students to gain real insights into consumers, companies and markets while creating a new product or service solution. A pitch about the product or solution is presented in front of an established industry player for feedback and suggestions. Finally, the organization’s Innovation Council supports student projects at all levels.

The WiseViews webinar series, hosted by ICFAI Online every Friday, has witnessed the participation of high-profile speakers from a variety of backgrounds. Professor Debashis Chatterjee, Director-IIM, Kozhikode; Dr. V. Raghunathan, Adv. Professor, Schulich School of Business; Devendra Surana, MD, Bhagyanagar India Limited; Anu Acharya, CEO, Mapmizenom; Dr. Ambi Parameshwaran, Founder-; Harish Bhatt, Brand Custodian, Tata Sons, Krishnan Ganesh, Serial Entrepreneur –, Dr. BVR Mohan Reddy, Founding Chairman, Cyient Ltd., Suparna Mitra, CEO, Titan Watches, Arjun N Ranga, CEO, N Ranga Rao & Sons Pvt. Ltd., partner of Ninad Carpe, 100X.VC; Vivek Kaul, author of The Big Bad World of Bad Money, Mohan Guruswamy, Former Economic Adviser to the Government of India, Vikram Bhuppala, Founder and CEO of Nephroplus, Dr. Sudarshan Patnaik, President of International Sand Sculptors, Lalit Kala Academy, Odisha, Dr. Shant Biotechnics Limited, Amla Akkineni, Actor & Co-Founder, Blue Cross, Hyderabad, Dr. Mukunda Rajan, Chairman, IQUB Investment Advisors, Rajiv Chilaka, Founder & CEO, Green Gold Animation, Producer of Chhota Bhim. Prominent speakers have shared their insights and thoughts among many others.

Some webinars cover topics such as Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Innovation, Employment Challenges, Emerging Business Models, Communication Strategies for Working Professionals, Leadership Lessons, Leadership, Life Lessons, Inspiration, Globalization and Diversification in Innovation Leadership, Technology Entrepreneur Reflection, etc. The formation of mentality in society: the role of art and creativity, among others. Webinars are a rich source of insights on every topic of interest, from aspiring entrepreneurs to executives in particular.

In addition to the flexibility and authenticity of the curriculum, the response system is also streamlined. Student journeys are mapped with individual profiles and goals. Known as the ‘Learning Assurance System’, the program evaluates candidates at various stages such as entry stage, according to the module, and for each semester and overall program and across two primary levels such as self-assessment level and learning outcome level. The e-learning environment consists of gamification elements that increase motivation, stimulate competitiveness, and increase student participation and engagement. This type of periodic and focused response enables specific semester career mapping milestones for individual students. Also, Career Services Support uses analysis to map the learning journey and recommend appropriate career advancement options. As such, ICFAI has leveraged its technology and classroom innovations to improve the online industry interface and recruitment opportunities for graduates. The criteria for applying to the program is not difficult, which opens up possibilities for candidates from different backgrounds. The minimum requirement for the applicant is a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized university in India or abroad and sufficient English language skills to understand and be involved in the online MBA program. After being shortlisted for the selection process, the candidate is invited to give a micro presentation of about 5 minutes and then a personal interview is taken.

Applications are open for the online MBA program, details of which are available online.

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