The Indian public school and the clever Harvey developed a culture of innovation with sharks

Secretary E-Cell IIT Roorkee Ritwik Singh Panwar and Perth Chakraborty, founder of Superbing and Tactics, judged the innovative pitches.

Indian Public Schools (TIPS) organized a pitch competition in partnership with Clever Harvey, where teenage inventors fought against it in shark tank-style. Students presented their unique ideas for internships, mentorship opportunities and winning a grand cash prize. They have demonstrated their skills in creating real solutions to universal problems.

Tips have given teens the opportunity to be innovators and have distributed them appropriately. Trained by Clever Harvey under JuniorMBA, these teens let their imagination run wild and turn their ideas into reality. They have used their unique vision and entrepreneurial knowledge কী how to animate the impossible through VR, AR and other emerging technologies.

Of the 260 students receiving the Junior MBA program, 10 finalists presented their ideas to a jury of industry insiders at the Online Innovation Summit, comprising e-cell IIT Rurki secretary Ritwik Singh Panwar and Perth Chakraborty, founder of Superbing and Tactics.

Talking about pitches, Secretary e-Cell IIT Rurki Ritwik Singh Panwar said, “Young minds are much more creative and innovative than adults. They have different worldviews and understandings and it brings amazing results. This is what we witnessed in the pitching competition. Each concept was unique and innovative in its true sense. “

Mr Perth Chakraborty, founder of Seconding Panwar, Superbing and Tactics, said: “We were shocked. It was difficult to choose the winners because they all have such brilliant ideas. It brings a sense of pride to see the potential future that these dreamers and industry breakers will bring. “

The winning student, Mr. Akshitha, created the gas assistant, an idea inspired by the experience of himself and the people around him. The goal was to optimize energy consumption and simplify the cooking process. Describing his experience at the Online Innovation Summit, he said, “It was a great journey and I learned a lot. The step-by-step guide was really helpful, especially the ridiculous presentation. The process has helped me to know that I should dig deeper to know my potential! ”

By giving their students the opportunity to improve themselves, The Indian Public School is preparing them to create their own path to success, regardless of the fields they decide to pursue.

“There is a misconception that students do not need entrepreneurial skills to focus on science in their classroom, but it is important to break it down, and this initiative encourages our science, business, liberal and creative flow students to believe in entrepreneurship as needed. Hours, ”says Tamilrasi Damodaran, Academic Director – Tips.

TIPS encourages its students in the science stream to try out the future, especially in business, and this gambling gives rise to some ideas centering on the intersection of business and science that have never been seen before. Cementing the academy’s dedication to building their students as active individuals and successful entrepreneurs around the world.

The Indian Public School Online Innovation Summit 2022 was won by Mr. Akshitha (Grade 9) in partnership with Clever Harvey, who presented a gas assistant (a device that demonstrates daily use, balances the cylinder and has a leak detector). Lahrita Palaniswamy (Grade 10) and Maha Arasi Samnithan (Grade 12) represented ‘Hubblet’ (an easy-to-carry soap capsule) and emerged as the first runner-up, with Shakti Vivian and Bharat Balakrishna representing the ‘VR Open’. Experience offering VR shopping) and the second runner-up is announced. The winners are all from Salem and Erode.

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