The Kerala government will issue comprehensive instructions for reopening the school

The Kerala government has approved the return of offline classes to the state from November 1, 2021 Schools will be reopened in phases as per COVID-19 rules The administration plans to issue comprehensive guidelines on October 5, 2021, before the schools reopen.

Ahead of the resumption of physical classes in Kerala schools on November 1, state Education Minister V Shivanakutty on Sunday said detailed guidelines for reopening schools would be issued on October 5.

The minister said the decision was taken today after a series of meetings with various stakeholders.

Addressing the media, Shivankutty said, “Multiple meetings with District Education Officers (DEOs) and Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) ended today. Issues related to teacher training and conditions for conducting classes in accordance with the Covid rules were discussed.”

The minister further said that the state education department has started extensive preparations for resumption of physical classes and will issue detailed guidelines on Tuesday.

“Some schools lack infrastructural facilities, so the government is planning to relocate them to nearby schools within the stipulated days of reopening schools so that they can follow all Covid-19 guidelines,” he added.

The Kerala government had earlier announced that from November 1, schools will employ fully vaccinated staff for classes 1 to 7 and 10 and 12.

Under the revised Covid-19 guidelines issued on Saturday, the government has allowed regular classes in colleges and training institutions for fully vaccinated students from October 18. However, only fully vaccinated teachers and other staff will be allowed.


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