The need for market opportunities is a significant factor that drives women entrepreneurs

The survey was conducted among the women entrepreneurs representing MSMEs in Tamil Nadu from September to December 2019, which has the highest number of women entrepreneurs as per the 6th Economic Census (2016).

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have found that most women entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu are driven by a combination of push factors such as ‘market opportunity’ and ‘necessity’. Economic motivation is not the primary reason to be an entrepreneur.

Researchers have conducted a study to understand why and how women entrepreneurs have chosen the path of their entrepreneurs and continue to follow their path. According to the All India Report of the Sixth Economic Census (2016), Tamil Nadu had the largest number of women-owned enterprises in India, including at least one hired worker. The study was conducted in Tamil Nadu between September and December 2019 by interviewing women entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the ones we found to inspire women entrepreneurs:

  • Passion, the passion to create something new, the passion for challenge, the creation of social values,
  • Desire for work-life balance,
  • Social support (from husband and family), and
  • Institutional support (such as government assistance and subsidies).

Researchers have found that various factors that have helped women entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu to survive and thrive in their businesses include their skills and experience, networking opportunities, family support and institutional support.

Although income and profits are generally low, women entrepreneurs say they are satisfied and confident in running a business. According to the survey, most women entrepreneurs say that having a business gives them a sense of accomplishment, financial security, career satisfaction, flexible working hours and the opportunity to influence the well-being of others.

Other key searches:

  • The growth of women-led businesses is significantly dependent on individual social support and formal institutional support.
  • Entrepreneurs improve women’s quality of life, mental health and well-being.

Research Recommendations:

  • Provide personality development, skills training, unique technical and entrepreneurial development programs for women entrepreneurs
  • Be sure to represent them at trade fairs to connect them with potential customers
  • Change society’s attitude towards women by portraying women’s entrepreneurial endeavors in media, educational and academic literature

Of all the states in India, Tamil Nadu has the highest number of women entrepreneurs. The favorable economic, socio-cultural context and educational opportunities of the state contribute to the number of women-owned enterprises in the state.

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