The new TCG guide simplifies the creation of cyber elastic devices

Beaverton, OR, USA, March 30, 2022 – Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has released its specification: Cyber ​​Resilient module and building block requirements make it easier to prevent cyber attacks over a device’s lifetime.

As society becomes increasingly connected, technology must have the ability to defend itself, respond to attacks, and recover. Achieving this will result in huge savings of time, resources and costs.

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TCG’s new specification enables device manufacturers or designers to take easy steps to achieve cyber resilience by implementing a minimum set of capabilities. It outlines the concept of a cyber resilient module that has the ability to retrieve multiple layers and components within a single device.

“Manual intervention for device servicing, or recovery from compromise, is a costly and sometimes even physically hazardous endeavor. The proliferation of Internet-connected devices today is only increasing the cost, “said Dennis Matoon, a member of TCG’s Cyber ​​Resilient (CyRes) technologies work group. “Technology must be applied to protect devices in the modern threat landscape. We often hear that resource constraints, such as device cost, its form factor, or power demand, are challenges that are difficult to overcome and security is generally compromised. We’ve created a set of building blocks that allow for the creation of cyber-resilient devices with a more limited range of resources. “

The specification encourages consideration of a cyber resilient architecture from the beginning of the design process, rather it is left as the next thought. With the implementation of CyRes Building Block, a device can be recovered even if it has been compromised and hacked.

This will have a dramatic impact on the security landscape of today’s connected digital ecosystem. Devices with built-in cyber resilience will be protected from attacks by other systems connected to the network and can be recovered without compromise if compromised.

Mattoon added: “With increasing reliance on technology, cyber-resilience will prove to be important for the future security of all interconnected devices and systems. “

To be successful, it is important to have the right definition, architecture and implementation of the scenario. Manufacturers and developers may follow the guidelines described by TCG in the draft specification, which is now out for public review.

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