The role of internships for MBA students

Internships have always been considered an important cog in the wheel of MBA education. Although theoretical classes form the basis, the application of knowledge is what completes the education of a management student.

Although information can be found at the click of a button, for an MBA student, experience is the key to today’s skill economy. Talking about the role of internships, Professor Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur, said, “Why internships are important for the application of knowledge is important. Now, in pedagogy we all try to apply fair amounts. Whether we can create that kind of environment ৷ but you know, everything is still a limited environment ৷ your internship that gives you the opportunity to be ে work in a real-life environment and with a specific problem. ”

While MBA assignments may reveal a brief burst of endorphins, nothing can detract from the experience of submitting a deadline with Alan. Add to that, internships give an MBA student the opportunity to learn supervised. And the best part is that during these projects a trainee can actually understand which domain works best for him.

Matching similar sentiments, Nasir Sheikh, CEO of Lexicon Group of Institutes, says internships give them an opportunity to understand where they want to work. “You may have started in the beginning. I want to be a marketer. But suddenly you realize that, you know, human resources are the domain I want to go into. It gives you a chance to do some kind of exploration,” he added.

Another important aspect that no one talks about is that an internship gives an MBA student a peek into office dynamics and politics. Whether it’s learning soft skills or learning to do and not to do in the workplace, internships build a solid platform. Emphasizing on networking and other opportunities, the students are open, said Professor Preeti Bajaj, Vice Chancellor of the University of Galgotia.

And that’s where the expectations of the Z-Z generation come from. Today’s young people are considered to be impatient when it comes to choosing a career. Career plans are carefully laid out and growth trajectories can be defined very quickly. That’s where the human element comes into the picture that companies need to pulse on.

While a classroom environment allows a student to sharpen his or her intellectual comprehension about managerial concepts, the secret to getting a dream job lies in the use of your mental intelligence as well as in action learning. And internships make that possible. The role that internships play in a student’s life paves the way for his or her overall professional development and, if done properly, can often lead to a golden future.

See industry experts Professor Nagarajan Rammurthy, Director, IIM Amritsar; Director of IIM Udaipur Professor Janat Shah; Nasir Sheikh, CEO, Lexicon Group of Institutes; Preeti Bajaj, VC, University of Galgotia; Rajiv Prasad, Principal, Amrita School of Business, Kochi and Pooja Jain, Director, Jagan Institute of Management Studies, discusses the important aspects of internships and the subtleties of shaping the careers of future industry leaders.

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