The Smile Foundation organizes a graduation day for young social entrepreneurs

The Smile Foundation and CTGA train young social entrepreneurs from multiple countries.

The Smile Foundation and Change the Game Academy (CtGA) have organized Graduation Day to congratulate those from around the world who have successfully completed CtGA program modules.

Change the Game Academy and the Smile Foundation have jointly developed an innovative mixed-learning program that helps civil society professionals and young people around the world learn to raise funds and other forms of assistance.

The Smile Foundation, through its collaboration with CtGA, is helping grassroots social entrepreneurs navigate challenging times by raising funds from a variety of sources to raise support for a variety of causes. The Smile Foundation is committed to bringing about ‘Civic Driven Change’ and inspiring the best practices in the industry to empower people at the grassroots.

CtGA India and the Smile Foundation have created a series of unique virtual classroom learning experiences for fundraising professionals and social entrepreneurs. Through this series of virtual classroom courses, the Smile Foundation is building the capacity to diversify funding sources and empower social entrepreneurs to help build better organizational capacity with sustainable fundraising plans.

The Smile Foundation and CtGA will continue to use innovative tools and creative approaches to design these capacity-building programs and train professionals in innovative, high-impact models to raise funds for sustainability.

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