The Square Panda India Foundation commissioned India’s first pencil power report

The report looks at realistic and sustainable solutions for better implementation of ECCE in India.

The Early Learner Neuroscience Foundation (also known as the Square Panda India Foundation) has created a flagship report titled ‘Pencil Power Report’. The report is envisioned as a textbook for the WCD ministry, a ready reckoner, an implementation partner and a highlight of the need to invest in the ECCE sector.

All of this stems from the historic lack of universal rights and delays in increasing the scale, as well as investing in ECCE space for funding, human resources and solutions. This is the result of not understanding ECCE as a multi-sectoral domain, which requires a holistic and integrated approach. As a result, sports are being forced in schools and higher education. If this is to change, we need to invest in ECCE with adequate guardianship. It is true that after reaching the age of 10, children’s ability to learn languages ​​and other skills is significantly reduced. ECCE builds the foundation for children’s transversal skills – including knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and desires. They include cultural skills, social and interaction skills, which are needed in an increasingly diverse and dynamic world. Good quality ECCE lays a strong foundation for overall child development through skills, knowledge and care.

A strong core team has come to the board to commission the six chapters of the report. Teams include:

  1. Dr. Venita Kaul: The status of ECCE in India: a current look
  2. Dr. Vera Blau McCandlis, Dr. Nandini Singh, UNESCO: ECCE’s Neuroscience Perspectives.
  3. Dr. Romila Soni and Dr. Sandhya Sangai NCERT: Parental Behavior and ECCE.
  4. Revati Raman World: ECCE evaluation and response processes and their effectiveness
  5. Dr. Shakila Shamsu: ECCE quality and its impact on higher education.
  6. Dr. Sri Ranjan: A proposed way to implement ECCE in a country like India.

The report recognizes the critical need for multiple ministries, namely MWCD and the Ministries of Education, Health and Family Welfare, Tribal Affairs and Social Justice, to work together in an integrated and collaborative manner, putting the best interests of the child first.

Supported by Square Panda India Foundation Andre Agassi Foundation for Education (USA).

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