The teenager is too young for the wrong internship

The purpose of the internship is to build skills, provide exposure and help build aspirations.

Internships for new college graduates may be a passing event, but as competition grows and any small difference can make the difference between success and failure, more and more teenagers are looking for internships. Whether it’s a summer job, a part-time job, or a freelance job, teens want to build skills as quickly as possible. Here’s why it’s a great idea:

Future success

One of the biggest reasons teenagers choose to volunteer or intern is to add something significant to their college application or resume. Working in a specific industry can prepare students for academic exploration in that field, or provide their experience for a career there depending on what they want to do. Academic principles are much easier to understand when they feel them in their own hands.


On the other hand, doing an internship can ensure that the job or industry is not as exciting as it seems. It’s a simple but effective way to understand what teens really enjoy and want to do. This is especially true for the current generation, who have an overload of options.

Skill development

With everyone now having access to the Internet and digital tools, information is fast becoming redundant. Too often, college curricula can’t keep up with current trends. Equipped with just the basics, teens can struggle to adapt to new ways of working. An internship can help fill that gap by teaching valuable and up-to-date skills. It helps adolescents create more relevant portfolios or portions of work for future job opportunities.

Confidence has increased

Entering the office for the first time can be scary for anyone, especially for teenagers. But having a little experience can prepare teenagers for what can be expected. Even simple things like how to manage yourself properly, how to dress properly, what to expect from a professional, etc. become much easier to understand with previous experience, which can increase the self-confidence of teenagers.

Networking and opportunities

Keeping a foot in the door, especially in larger companies, becomes much easier when someone has already contacted the hiring director. Even if a teenager decides to work elsewhere, they will make valuable connections with senior professionals, which can help them get off the road. These professionals can even help teenagers find a job or provide guidance as a mentor.

Although not all internships are paid for, education alone is a valuable takeaway for most teens. But if they find a paid internship, it gives them a compelling reason to pursue it! So while their vacation may seem unpleasant instead of relaxing with friends, it can have a huge impact on a teenager’s future.

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