The time has come to focus on creating higher standards in the corporate world

Jaipuria School of Business has organized a virtual seminar on Business Ethics and Corporate Governance.

Jaipuria School of Business has organized a seminar on Business Ethics and Corporate Governance. The seminar has gained much momentum and momentum worldwide over the past few years, with organizations integrating ethics into their corporate culture and focusing on proper corporate governance in all functions and activities.

As a conscientious management institution, JSB has taken the opportunity to create awareness about ethics and corporate governance among various stakeholders, including students. The aim of the seminar is to provide a platform where corporate leaders and academics come together and share their knowledge and thoughts on the subject.

There were two sets of panelists talking about building an ethical culture for sustainability and redefining business through governance and consent, respectively. The event was attended by participants from the management institution (faculty and students), corporate executives and members of the management association.

Jitendra Kumar, Director, JSB, in his introductory remarks, said, “Success cannot be measured or limited by efficiency. Sustainable growth depends on strong ethics and management standards of an organization. Now is the time for the corporate world to focus on building high standards We are sensitive to challenges. We are concerned about co-existence and sustainable growth because success is not measured in terms of money or profit alone. “

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